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After another great night at the club, I wanted to share some of the composition "rules" we had discussed and also provide details on next weeks second chance competition.

Composition "Rules"

Rules are made to be broken

The Rule of Thirds - The Rule of Thirds is the first rule of photographic composition.

Put simply it states that if you divide the frame into thirds horizontally and vertically, the points where those lines intersect are good suggestions for placement of your main subject

Triangles - Triangles are present, in one way or another, in almost everything we see

Triangles are a great way of combining different compositional techniques, such as lines and paths, using them to create a more interesting aspect of a photograph.

Odds - The rule suggests that an image is more visually appealing if there are an odd number of subjects.

The theory proposes that an even number of elements in a scene is distracting as the viewer is not sure which one to focus his or her attention on. An odd number of elements is seen as more natural and easier on the eye.

The Eye’s Journey - Composition is: arranging, creating, seeing, framing, and cropping. - It should guide the viewer.

The eye of the viewer will make its way through the frame of the photograph. The path is not always predicable, but how you arrange objects in the photograph, or how you frame the scene, can serve as a guide for the eye’s (hopefully) pleasing journey through your image.

Focus on the Subject - Composition should help identify, emphasize, complement, isolate, or highlight the subject—not detract from it.

The subject is likely the reason you captured a particular image, so if the composition works to bring the viewer’s attention to other parts of the frame, then you have successfully distracted the viewer from the primary purpose of the photograph.

Second Chance Competition Rules

  1. The Second Chance Competition is open to all club members (excluding members that won any trophy in the previous year who are ineligible to enter).

  2. Up to six images can be submitted by eligible members and can include images used in previous competitions.

  3. The competition will be judged by three club members (that are ineligible to compete in the competition) or invited guest judges. Details of judges to be ideally confirmed before start of season.

  4. Judges of the ‘Second Chance’ competition cannot enter the competition.

  5. Images will be shown on the night of the competition with two showings of the images. The second showing of the image will receive marks out of 5 from each judge.

  6. The scores from the second ‘Second Chance’ competition does not count towards a member’s league position.

Entries can be sent to or brought along on the night via USB

See You Next Week!!!!!

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