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The Art of Studio Photography

Always wanted to take that studio perfect portrait but don't know a flash gun from a flash sale!

Then why not come along this Thursday for our studio night hosted by club member Ken McArthur.

Following a brief introduction to studio techniques, members will then be given the opportunity to photograph experienced model Sas Su ( .

Ken will be on hand to provide hints and tips during the evening.

Members are asked to bring along their cameras and lenses for the evening (don't forget to charge that battery and pick up the memory card). We recommend a 50mm for crop sensor bodies or 85mm for full frame.

Lighting will be provided on the night suitable for Nikon and Canon system, if you shoot with another camera brand please bring along a flash and trigger system. If you don't have these, bring along and SD card and you can use Ross's Camera

Remember its also hand in night for the second monthly competition. If you have any last minute entries that you would like a border added to bring your image along. Sizing is 1600x1200

See you all Thursday

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