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Greenock's a Model Club

Smile, Camera, Action

Building on last years successful studio night, club member Ken McArthur hosted another excellent night at Greenock Camera Club.

Along with his studio equipment, Ken shared his vast knowledge in a relaxed and informative manner.

Whether it be lighting set ups on a budget (paper plate beauty dishes and onion box reflectors), how to interact with a model, explaining how a colour palate can really help your image pop and finally educating me on why a grey card is an essential part of any photographers kit or the simple difference a lens can make to the shape and and style of a portrait, there was something for every level of photographer.

Ken had also arranged for model Sas Su to be there on the night to give all of the members a chance to get first hand experience. A huge thank you must be given to Sas Su who was patient, tolerant and extremely professional. I'm sure every member managed to capture a winning image on the evening.

A shout out must also go to the members who also had a go at modelling with the continuous light set up and supported each other throughout the night. Who knew we had such a photogenic membership., Bob, Jeff, Derek and Louise i'm looking at you.

Some of the images captured on the night.

Model: Sas Su-, Louise Docherty and Derek Mitchell

Photographers: Ken McArthur, Gary Bradley, Hugh Gilliand and Ross Cameron

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