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Competition hand in deadline coming up

Next Thursday 17th is the entry date for our first internal club competition for those members who wish to participate, and there is certainly no need to feel pressure to do so. Details are as follows; There are three categories, Digital, Colour print, Mono print. You may enter a maximum of 6 images in each section but with an overall total of 12 images. 4 & 4 & 4, or 6 & 6 & 0, or any other combination. All digital images should be submitted as .jpg files no larger than 1600x1200 pixels. All prints should be mounted on card no larger than 500x400 cm. The prints should be accompanied by a digital image as above. All submissions should also be accompanied by the form you find on the Club website. The digital images should be sent to The easiest way to do this is by WeTransfer to avoid problems with uploading large files.



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